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Raise your standards and pick up the best football shoes from Adidas UAE

Imitate your favourite football star with a charming collection of Adidas football shoes. These football boots are well-made and tailored using the best technologies to ensure an ultimate level of performance and ball control in the playfield. Whether you’re training hard for your next match or getting yourself ready to smash your opponent's goal in case you are a striker by instinct, or to tackle your rivals if you’re known for your impressive defensive skills, our collection of top level football shoes shall not disappoint you anyhow.

Master the football field

With your impressive talents, persistence, and stamina, Adidas provides you with the best shoes to show up all your amazing skills right in the playground! Whether you are aiming is to get that Zidane’s outstanding ball control, getting that Messi’s magical dribble on the ball, or even mastering your defensive tackle against your opponents like Van Dijk, Adidas wide collection shall help you, empower you, and fulfill you with the confidence you need to get your football performance to the next level.

X Speed Flow

With its lightweight and iconic elegant design, the X speed flow shall unlock your speed potential and makes sprint like a cheetah in the field! We have carefully tailored every part of the X Speed flow to ensure the minimum weight and thus the ultimate speed for all types of grounds, whether it’s a football natural grass field, artificial grass, or even indoor gymnasiums.

Predator Freak

Every game is an opportunity to become better and more under control. Our Predator freak is specifically designed for the latter! This type of shoes is a perfect fit for you if you are aiming to enhance your ball control skills, with its extended demonskin this shoes is made for football control freaks.

Copa Sense

This classic design never ceases to amaze football players since it was released during world cup 1982 in Spain! The Copa sense shoes are tailored to absorb the impact energy of the ball with flexible sensepods providing maximum flawless touch with the ball. Further than that, the tough plate provides you with balance needed for every touch and tackle with the ball.